Monday, June 29, 2009

Senior Portrait Proofs, Good and Bad

Today we received Jordan's Senior Portrait Proofs in the mail. They all turned out really good and there are about 4 or 5 that are awesome.
I was reading the order form earlier and it said that we need to choose 1 head/shoulder shot with a blue grey background for the yearbook picture by October.
There are no pictures with a blue grey background. So I call the studio and they ask me to bring the proofs in to prove to them that there are no pictures with this background. Luckily the studio is only 5 mins away from our house.
I get to the studio and prove to them that in fact there are no portraits with a blue grey background. So now poor Jordan has to get dressed up again in his shirt and tie and have 9 pictures taken with a blue grey background. Well at least we will have 9 more pictures to choose from. Not sure if this is a good thing since the ones we already have are really good. This would mean if the next set of pictures taken are real good, the decision on which pictures to purchase will be even harder.

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