Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers out there who take wonderful care of their children. Here are 3 that are close to my heart:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

So, it's been awhile

Hi there! Yes, it has been awhile. Let see what has happened since the last time I posted. Right before Mothers Day we had the staircase in our home replaced. We were going to have the banister/ballister done but were told that if we ever wanted to redo the stairs they would have to rip out the new banister/ballister to do so. We had 3 estimates done. The last one by a friend of mine son who is a woodworker. He was the only one that told us this. We asked for an estimate on both along with the painter/stainers estimate and decided to have everything done. While installing they found the the original staircase put in when the house was build 48 years ago was not connected to the studs. WHAT? So thank goodness we chose to have the old staicase ripped out and new ones put in. They did an incredible job. The stairs and banister/ballister are beautiful. I can't wait to decorate then for the holidays. That was our major repair to the house this year, we needed to have it done before Ethan's college graduation party which was at the end of May. We gave them a deadline of having it done by May 11th and they made our deadline. We plan on using them again for other remodeling done on our home in the years to come. One of the other things that happened was that our oldest child Ethan graduation college. He graduated on May 6th from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Art his major is Animation. He is currently working on his portfolio and resume in hoping to find a job or internship by the end of summer. (We hope). We are so proud of him and it still boggles my mind that I have a son who graduated college. Our other fantastic news is that our youngest Jordan decided to apply at American Academy of Art in Chicago and was accepted as a Sophomore. Going to College of DuPage wasn't doing anything for him. We are very please that about 17 credits will be transfer to the school and if he decides to start as a full time student, he will be able to start as a Sophomore. He wants to study computer illustration and hopefully work on Childrens books along with other types of illustrations. We are hoping for a fun and eventful summer will little stress and look forward to a family vacation/celebration later in the year.