Monday, November 30, 2009

2 Holiday Specials

Tonight ABC showed 2 holiday specials one a classic and one that someday might turn into a classic.
How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Dr. Seuss and Chuck Jones developed a Seuss classic with his holiday special

Following was Shrek the Halls
A fun Christmas special that features the original voices from the Shrek movies. A Christmas special that will hopefully turn into a classic someday.

25 More Days!

Click directly on comic to enlarge if you cannot read it.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Santa Who?

Todd is a Leslie Nielsen fan and saw that the movie Santa Who? was going to be on ABC Family and DVR'ed it. This morning since it is such a gloomy day out we decided to watch it. A very cute a funny movie, young kids will really like this movie.

Plot Summary cutsety of IMDB: Santa Claus develops amnesia after accidentally falling out of his sleigh and only the innocence of a small child can save him. Meanwhile, Santa has to battle the disbelief of a newsman.

Card 48 of 52 for 2009

Here is a card that we made at the Christmas Card camp about a month ago.
A pretty simple card.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Joke

One of Todd's memories when he was child on Thanksgiving was one Aunt would bring lime green Jell-o with carrots in it. Sounds disgusting doesn't it? I Googled Jell-o with carrots and found a orange Jell-o with carrot recipe. I made the recipe as written but I substitute the orange Jell-o with lime.
As a joke we took it to Thanksgiving. Some of the grand kids looked at it strangely so we shared the joke with them. One of Todd's sister actually said she like that Jell-o. Ewwe!
I found out today that my BIL took the lime green Jell-o to my In-laws house and dumped it on them LOL
It was meant to be thrown away after it was displayed with all the other Thanksgiving food, but apparently it was kept and being shared.

Here is a photo of the salad. Looks sick don't it? It has Jell-o, shredded carrots, pecan chips, crushed pineapples and lemon juice in it. When I made it I thought it looked like vomit. LOL

Thursday, November 26, 2009


The only picture I took on Thanksgiving Day. (Actually nobody broke out any cameras)
Jordan's face looks a little devious but he said he as tired.
Cousins-Jordan and Sydney

Happy Thanksgiving

May the bounty of what you are thankful for out number the bounty of food you comsume today!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

Tonight I was in the mood for a period movie so I saw this one listed on HBO on Demand; I saw that Amy Adams and Frances McDormand were the two lead characters and thought I would give it a try. What a cute whimsical movie that keeps moving. Kind of reminds me of Victor/Victoria.

Part of Plot Cursey of IMDB: War threatens London as Miss Pettigrew (Frances McDormand), a destitute governess, filches a client's card from her agency and presents herself at the door of singer Delysia Lafosse (Amy Adams). Delysia wants a social secretary as she seeks a West End role by sleeping with a feckless producer in the bed of Nick, a smarmy nightclub owner with whom she also dallies. She ignores Michael, her piano player, who loves her and has tickets for New York on the Queen Mary. Miss Pettigrew's job is to make sure Delysia gets the part. Over 24 hours, Miss Pettigrew is also called upon to help an ambitious and unfaithful fashion editor patch things up with her older fiancé, a lingerie designer. All this happens in one chaotic day in the life of Miss Pettigrew.

Card 47 of 52 for 2009

This is one of the cards that was made at my annual Christmas card camp early this month.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1st Christmas Special

Tonight BEFORE Thankgiving, I a talking before even the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving specail airs. NBC showed Merry Madagascar.

Well of course I watched it. LOL
It had all the original character voices which I LOVE. I hate it when they don't use the original artist on remakes.
It was very funny, I really enjoyed it.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I think I broke my small toe

I was leaving the bathroom this morning after showering and getting ready, I turned and didn't realize the door was partically open, my small toe and the one next to it hit the bottom of the door. I am having a lot of trouble walking on it, am in a lot of pain, the toe is swollen and cannot get a shoe on.
I am not going to the doctor, why? it's a toe, and on top of it, it's the little toe. What is he going to be able to do?
I read on the internet to tape the toe and the neighboring toe together to stablize the toe, so that's what I am doing.
Putting a shoe on tomorrow for work should be interesting.

Christmas Songs

I added a few Christmas songs to my blog this afternoon.
About a week earlier then what I would have done it, but I am not sure when I would have found time to pick out songs. These are some of my favorite holiday songs. I have it set for random shuffle so each time you come to my blog, you might hear a different song.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Pink Panther 2

Tonight we finally had a FREE evening so I picked a movie from our DVD collection and decided upon The Pink Panther 2.

This is actually Jordan's movie and he didn't mind us borrowing it.
Plot Cutesy of IMDB:
After having been rewarded for solving the mystery of the Pink Panther Diamond, inspector Jacques Clouseau has been assigned to minor tasks by his boss inspector Dreyfus so as not to have him in his way anymore. Unfortunately, the famous diamond has once again been stolen as have many other artifacts in a series of burglaries around the world. His past success will enable inspector Clouseau to be part of the dream team comprised of the greatest detectives of the affected countries, where he will be able to display his numerous talents across the world.

There was a lot of physical comedy with an all star cast. It was really quite funny.

Psychic Reading 2

Friday evening the ladies from work and I went to the Psychic. This is the same Psychic I went back in May.
No bad news which was nice, no one getting injured or sick.
Here is the transcript from my reading. P=Psychic M=Me
I start by shuffling a deck of playing cards really good.
P: Make 3 piles make a wish and don't tell me.
P: Everything? (meaning bad and good)
M: Sure
P: Money, money going to come to you, GOD Bless! Money. Next year good year for money.Investment to next year property, land, business. Very good to invest, Go for it.
P: I get a medium complected girl with a light complected guy young people, she is getting aggravated with him.
P: Some one is having a baby boy or twins.
P: Your going to be worried about 2 men, one don't feel good. Ones got money problems and one don't feel good.
P: Watch your elbow.
P: Somebody or something is bugging you today, you a little aggravated about something?
M: Not really
P: You might be by the time the night is over.
M: Laughs True
P: Around the job are they a little demanding?
M: Yes
P: I get a boy 15 to maybe 17 very smart in school, might win one of those things when you go to college what is that called?
M: Scholarships?
P: Yes
M: Oh that would be nice
P: Who is this your kid?
M: Yes
P: Very intelligent GOD Bless him.
P: He has a man teacher?
M: Yes
P: He thinks very highly of your son.
P: What school does he go to.
M: Well he goes to 2 schools. 1/2 day he goes to culinary school the other 1/2 he goes to High School.
P: Oh he wants to be a chef?
M: Yes
P: Oh GOD Bless him.
P: He's got a couple of people who are jealous of him. Two.
M: Oh really
P: Do you have a daughter?
M: No
P: OK how old is the other one?
M: He will be 20 in a week.
P: I he with a medium complected girl?
M: He doesn't have a girlfriend right now.
P: I see a medium complected girl around him she's a big goof a jerk
P: One is jealous of the other one. One brother is jealous of the other brother.
M: Oh really?
P: Yeah
P: One of them is going to get a job wearing a uniform.
M: Probably the culinary guy.
P: Oh Yeah that's right laughs
P: I'll tell you something, as he gets older he might want to open up a restaurant, go for it he will do very very well.
P: OK Umm, one if a hard worker one is a little bit lazy. One will do things on his own and ones a mama's baby. The more you give him the more he will never push. So stop it.
P: I get a medium complected man around you and a dark one. Who are these 2 guys? Husband? Boyfriend.
M: I have a husband.
P: Dark, light, medium?
M: Grey hair. more like my skin.
P: Then he's medium, who's this real dark one?
M: I don't know?
P: Well who ever he is he admires you.
M: OK that's nice.
P: Does your husband have a brother?
M: 3 brothers.
P: Well maybe it's one of them. Admires you.
M: Well that's nice to know.
P: OK changes around the home, looks like a bathroom.
M: Yeah OK
P: In the springtime you are going to do changes outside.
P: Um I don't know that other son goes to school? One really likes school and one just tolerates it.
P: OK your wish card come to 4 good surprises, which means you are going to be happy about 4 things.
P: You have 3 trips. One is near water or over water.
P: Cruise, Europe or whatever. Go GO you are going to have a good time, a real good time.
P: A man around you or near you drinks a little too much.
P: Your gonna change your hair, your going to do something different to your hair.
P: Your going to some doing a your going to bring something in a big box like this. (Makes a shape of a BIG box.)
P: Your holidays are going to be very nice.
P: A light complected women is going to ask you to go out with her, go because your going to have a real good time. Could be a lounge or a restaurant but go it will be a real good time.
P: 2 unexpected gifts, one you are really going to dig. One is jewelry.
M: Oh nice
P: You have good cards, good happiness, good changes. You have good kids too.
M: Thank You!
P: Older lady salt pepper grey hair, kind of short doesn't feel good. Trouble with her legs her knees. Could be arthritis or fluid.
P: She's gotta watch.
P: But otherwise you've got nice cards. GOD Bless honey.
M: Thank you so much!
P: Very very good, you've got good kids, but this one is going to open a restaurant watch and see. Your Greek?
M: My mom was Greek
P: What was the other 1/2?
M: Lithuanian
P: Well maybe when he opens his restaurant he better have some Greek food.
M: He better yeah.
P: You cook Greek?
M: Sometimes
P: What is your husband?
M: He's German
P: Me too I'm Greek and my husband is Irish
I am shuffling cards at this point
P: 7 cards for every question
(Deal the P 7 cards)
M: Our current supervisor got a promotion, will the supervisor that replace her be permanent or will they replace her?
P: The current one, she's a bitch, problems.
M: Will she stay?
P: Questionable. It's like a zoo there, they're all crazy. Have you worked there a long time?
(Dealt 7 cards to P)
M: About 3 years.
M: How's my husband's job is it secure?
P: Yeah I don't see anything, not bad, not bad.
M: Oh Good
(Dealt 7 cards to P)
M: His health
P: What town do you live in?
M: W
P: Yeah he's OK.
M: Good cause the last time I was hear you told me he needed to watch his back and then he ended up having back surgery.
P: No he's OK, things are even going to get better for him
(Dealt 7 cards to P)
M: My health
P: Tired and stressed out. If you could stay home you would stay home, or if you could get another job, you would leave tomorrow.
M: You know it. Will I be getting a lot of overtime? They are telling me I might get a lot overtime at work.
P: Yeah not a lot, but a little bit.
(Dealt 7 cards to P)
M: My kids health
P: Your kids are OK. The husband is very proud of the one that's going to be a chef. Oh GOD yes.
M: That's all I have.
P: Are you sure?
M: Yes, the only other one I have was financial and you answered that at the beginning.
P: Never be over anxious. Take one day at a time.
M: That's what you told me that the last time I was here.
P: God closes 1 door and will open 5 more. Be patient, don't be over anxious.
M: Thank you!
P: Because when your anxious nothing comes out, nothing, nothing, nothing.
M: Thank You!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Card 46 of 52 for 2009

Here is a card that was made at my annual Christmas Card Camp

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Splurged

I finally splurged and purchased the Big Shot from Stampin' Up! I can't wait until it arrives so I can experiment with it and then have my stamp campers play with it at the January camp.

Yes, now I'm gonna want the doctors bag aka carrying case for it. LOL

Sunday, November 8, 2009

GOD Bless Us Everyone-Andrea Bocelli

Another part of the movie that was a nice surprise in Disney's A Christmas Carol was at the end when the credits roll, Andrea Bocelli sang GOD Bless Us Everyone.
To hear the song, click the "ll" on my blog music to pause and then hit play on this clip/song.

Disney's A Christmas Carol

I have been itching to see this movie since I read on IMDb that Jim Carrey was going to be in this movie. Then I read later that he was playing multiple roles.
This was opening weekend of the movie and yes, I did go and see it.

The movie was really good, knowing the story line I was able to focus on the animation and at times, I forgot it was animated. They did a fantastic job with the animation. The only flaw I thought was with the eyes on some of the characters; they were a little off; especially Tiny Tim's.
I heard or read that during productions they wired Jim Carrey to get all his movements and boy did they do a great job with that. You could actually see little parts of Jim Carrey in each character along with all the other actors who played multiple parts.
Disney did an awesome job with this movie. I wouldn't recommend it for young children, I think that the animation of this movie is for an older audience.
"Merry Christmas & God Bless Everyone!"

7th Annual Christmas Card Camp & 45 of 52 Cards for 2009

The is my 7th year of having the Christmas Card Camp. A lot different from the 1st one I ever hosted.
Here are some of the campers from my Christmas Card camp held yesterday.

I had 2 rounds of people, some came early and the rest showed up later. I think it worked out well. No one had to wait too long for a space to open up.
Here is card 45, one of the ones the ladies made at camp.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Card 44 of 52 for 2009

Yes I am a little behind, but I have a stack of cards to add so I know I will make up the time posting in the next few weeks.
Here is one of the cards that we will be making at my annual Christmas Card Camp being held this weekend.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Here are the Pumpkins

ok here are the pumpkins that I mentioned on my facebook page. (They are in my facebook this and that folder too) The boys were the only 2 that carved pumpkins this year.
Ethan's Snowpumpkin

Ethan's Snowpumpkin lit

Jordan's Eyeball Pumpkin

Jordan's Eyeball Pumpkin lit