Saturday, November 14, 2009

Psychic Reading 2

Friday evening the ladies from work and I went to the Psychic. This is the same Psychic I went back in May.
No bad news which was nice, no one getting injured or sick.
Here is the transcript from my reading. P=Psychic M=Me
I start by shuffling a deck of playing cards really good.
P: Make 3 piles make a wish and don't tell me.
P: Everything? (meaning bad and good)
M: Sure
P: Money, money going to come to you, GOD Bless! Money. Next year good year for money.Investment to next year property, land, business. Very good to invest, Go for it.
P: I get a medium complected girl with a light complected guy young people, she is getting aggravated with him.
P: Some one is having a baby boy or twins.
P: Your going to be worried about 2 men, one don't feel good. Ones got money problems and one don't feel good.
P: Watch your elbow.
P: Somebody or something is bugging you today, you a little aggravated about something?
M: Not really
P: You might be by the time the night is over.
M: Laughs True
P: Around the job are they a little demanding?
M: Yes
P: I get a boy 15 to maybe 17 very smart in school, might win one of those things when you go to college what is that called?
M: Scholarships?
P: Yes
M: Oh that would be nice
P: Who is this your kid?
M: Yes
P: Very intelligent GOD Bless him.
P: He has a man teacher?
M: Yes
P: He thinks very highly of your son.
P: What school does he go to.
M: Well he goes to 2 schools. 1/2 day he goes to culinary school the other 1/2 he goes to High School.
P: Oh he wants to be a chef?
M: Yes
P: Oh GOD Bless him.
P: He's got a couple of people who are jealous of him. Two.
M: Oh really
P: Do you have a daughter?
M: No
P: OK how old is the other one?
M: He will be 20 in a week.
P: I he with a medium complected girl?
M: He doesn't have a girlfriend right now.
P: I see a medium complected girl around him she's a big goof a jerk
P: One is jealous of the other one. One brother is jealous of the other brother.
M: Oh really?
P: Yeah
P: One of them is going to get a job wearing a uniform.
M: Probably the culinary guy.
P: Oh Yeah that's right laughs
P: I'll tell you something, as he gets older he might want to open up a restaurant, go for it he will do very very well.
P: OK Umm, one if a hard worker one is a little bit lazy. One will do things on his own and ones a mama's baby. The more you give him the more he will never push. So stop it.
P: I get a medium complected man around you and a dark one. Who are these 2 guys? Husband? Boyfriend.
M: I have a husband.
P: Dark, light, medium?
M: Grey hair. more like my skin.
P: Then he's medium, who's this real dark one?
M: I don't know?
P: Well who ever he is he admires you.
M: OK that's nice.
P: Does your husband have a brother?
M: 3 brothers.
P: Well maybe it's one of them. Admires you.
M: Well that's nice to know.
P: OK changes around the home, looks like a bathroom.
M: Yeah OK
P: In the springtime you are going to do changes outside.
P: Um I don't know that other son goes to school? One really likes school and one just tolerates it.
P: OK your wish card come to 4 good surprises, which means you are going to be happy about 4 things.
P: You have 3 trips. One is near water or over water.
P: Cruise, Europe or whatever. Go GO you are going to have a good time, a real good time.
P: A man around you or near you drinks a little too much.
P: Your gonna change your hair, your going to do something different to your hair.
P: Your going to some doing a your going to bring something in a big box like this. (Makes a shape of a BIG box.)
P: Your holidays are going to be very nice.
P: A light complected women is going to ask you to go out with her, go because your going to have a real good time. Could be a lounge or a restaurant but go it will be a real good time.
P: 2 unexpected gifts, one you are really going to dig. One is jewelry.
M: Oh nice
P: You have good cards, good happiness, good changes. You have good kids too.
M: Thank You!
P: Older lady salt pepper grey hair, kind of short doesn't feel good. Trouble with her legs her knees. Could be arthritis or fluid.
P: She's gotta watch.
P: But otherwise you've got nice cards. GOD Bless honey.
M: Thank you so much!
P: Very very good, you've got good kids, but this one is going to open a restaurant watch and see. Your Greek?
M: My mom was Greek
P: What was the other 1/2?
M: Lithuanian
P: Well maybe when he opens his restaurant he better have some Greek food.
M: He better yeah.
P: You cook Greek?
M: Sometimes
P: What is your husband?
M: He's German
P: Me too I'm Greek and my husband is Irish
I am shuffling cards at this point
P: 7 cards for every question
(Deal the P 7 cards)
M: Our current supervisor got a promotion, will the supervisor that replace her be permanent or will they replace her?
P: The current one, she's a bitch, problems.
M: Will she stay?
P: Questionable. It's like a zoo there, they're all crazy. Have you worked there a long time?
(Dealt 7 cards to P)
M: About 3 years.
M: How's my husband's job is it secure?
P: Yeah I don't see anything, not bad, not bad.
M: Oh Good
(Dealt 7 cards to P)
M: His health
P: What town do you live in?
M: W
P: Yeah he's OK.
M: Good cause the last time I was hear you told me he needed to watch his back and then he ended up having back surgery.
P: No he's OK, things are even going to get better for him
(Dealt 7 cards to P)
M: My health
P: Tired and stressed out. If you could stay home you would stay home, or if you could get another job, you would leave tomorrow.
M: You know it. Will I be getting a lot of overtime? They are telling me I might get a lot overtime at work.
P: Yeah not a lot, but a little bit.
(Dealt 7 cards to P)
M: My kids health
P: Your kids are OK. The husband is very proud of the one that's going to be a chef. Oh GOD yes.
M: That's all I have.
P: Are you sure?
M: Yes, the only other one I have was financial and you answered that at the beginning.
P: Never be over anxious. Take one day at a time.
M: That's what you told me that the last time I was here.
P: God closes 1 door and will open 5 more. Be patient, don't be over anxious.
M: Thank you!
P: Because when your anxious nothing comes out, nothing, nothing, nothing.
M: Thank You!

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