Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Joke

One of Todd's memories when he was child on Thanksgiving was one Aunt would bring lime green Jell-o with carrots in it. Sounds disgusting doesn't it? I Googled Jell-o with carrots and found a orange Jell-o with carrot recipe. I made the recipe as written but I substitute the orange Jell-o with lime.
As a joke we took it to Thanksgiving. Some of the grand kids looked at it strangely so we shared the joke with them. One of Todd's sister actually said she like that Jell-o. Ewwe!
I found out today that my BIL took the lime green Jell-o to my In-laws house and dumped it on them LOL
It was meant to be thrown away after it was displayed with all the other Thanksgiving food, but apparently it was kept and being shared.

Here is a photo of the salad. Looks sick don't it? It has Jell-o, shredded carrots, pecan chips, crushed pineapples and lemon juice in it. When I made it I thought it looked like vomit. LOL

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