Sunday, July 1, 2012

George’s Christmas Wish Has Been Published

George’s Christmas Wish Has Been Published. (Taken from Todd Polte's Blog, edited by me, his wife) Ethan had an idea for a story when he was around 9 years old. He asked Todd to help him write it, so he helped him put his ideas down and then helped him arrange his story ideas into a full story. They thought it was a very cute story and were hoping to have someone draw the pictures for it. 12 years later we still had no drawings. Todd figured when Ethan went to college for animation and was taking all the drawing classes that he would start, but between work and school assignments it never came to be. Then Jordan surprised Todd with a manila envelope addressed simply “For that home worker (that means Dad)” Todd opened it up to find several sketches that Jordan had drawn just from memory of having Ethan and Todd talked about the story. Todd fit the pictures into the story and had him draw a few more. We all liked it and they scanned the pictures into the computer and then had Jordan colore them in and Ethan put some finishing touches on them. They then had a nice Word Document that looked like it would be a fun thing to hand out. Then Todd did some research online for information on how to get this printed out in book format. On one site he put in his email address and phone number to get information… that led to the amazing process and quite by accident initially, they ended up with published work.
Paperback will be available soon for order online and an eBook format is also going to be available for direct purchase from the publisher, from Amazon, and other online bookstores. So Ethan is a published author, Todd is the co-author, and Jordan has his first published illustration work. AMAZING! OK we are not sales people and we are not saying you have to buy, but the publishing company would like to let you know that Preorders of the paperback are available at