Sunday, April 29, 2007

What an Absolutely Beautiful Day

What an absolutely beautiful day out today. I think we hit a high of 80+ degrees. We got our garden ready for planting today. I am having such a hard time not purchasing plants with the weather so gorgious. I will wait and start purchasing flowers and vegs next weekend and more then likely start planting them Mothers Day weekend. This will be my last attempt at tomatoes. The past 4-5 years I have not had a great crop. So this year I went to DIY and printed out information regarding tomatoes and pepper plants. If they don't produce this year, I'm done as a gardener, lol.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Why the name?

You may wonder why I named my Blog space what I did.
I remember my father when he sent any type of card to my mother he would sign it
Always & Forever,

I look at that salutation 2 ways. One way was that he would always and forever love my mother or the other way was he would alway and forever be Ray. I choose to accept the salutation as the 1st listed. Kind of more romantic.