Sunday, November 15, 2009

I think I broke my small toe

I was leaving the bathroom this morning after showering and getting ready, I turned and didn't realize the door was partically open, my small toe and the one next to it hit the bottom of the door. I am having a lot of trouble walking on it, am in a lot of pain, the toe is swollen and cannot get a shoe on.
I am not going to the doctor, why? it's a toe, and on top of it, it's the little toe. What is he going to be able to do?
I read on the internet to tape the toe and the neighboring toe together to stablize the toe, so that's what I am doing.
Putting a shoe on tomorrow for work should be interesting.

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SWEETS said...

gee mare the door(big) the toe(little)...i hope u are ok...its good your tapin it time jaz broke her finger doin a trick for me(8yrs old)and i only had clothes pin and electric black tape..and it was the wkend(so i fixed her up)..and i had to take the city bus that monday..and the hospital asked me how i knew to do that..i said i was a girl scout..