Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grilling Something Different 2009 #3

No pictures because the picture of what was grilled would not have been that exciting.
Here is my invention:
I took 4 chicken breasts and put each chicken breast on top of their own piece of aluminum foil. I then took 2 of the bags of Green Giant Create a Meal Sesame Stir Fry Mix (you can find this in the freezer section of your store) and divided the 2 bags over each chicken breast. I did have extra stir fry vegetables from the mix so I put that in it's own separate aluminum foil. I folded the aluminum to make a packet and seal in all the goodies.
Jordan did the grilling part and placed the packets with the chicken in them on the grill for 18 minutes; do not turn. The packet with only vegetables we put on the grill for the last 5 minutes.
It turned out EXCELLENT.
Note to Green Giant: you can send me my advertisement check whenever you get a chance. lol

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