Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Printer/Scanner/Copy Machine/Fax Machine

The logic of corporate America literally forced us to purchase a new printer.
We were using our personal printer for all the things Todd needs to print for work. The company he works for would cover the cost of our ink; no problem. Then recently Todd was told that the coporation would only cover certain inks from autorized printer. Todd was told he could purchase an autorize printer and list it on his expense account.
Here is what I find baffling, the company will no longer cover the cost of ink on a printer that isn't theirs, but will spend a few hundred dollars to purchase a printer and then cover the cost of ink for this printer. I would think the 1st of the 2 would save the company money. Try and explain logic to corporate America.
Anyway we received the printer on Thursday and Todd has spent 2 days trying to install the dang thing on each computer. The printer for some reason wouldn't recongnize or communicate with each computer. He was almost ready to box it up and send it back to Dell when he finally got all the computers to recognize this printer.
Now we are learning all the features.
Don't get me wrong, we don't mind getting a new piece of equipment but the reasoning behind it is just rediculos.

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