Friday, June 26, 2009

Grilling Something Different 2009 #5

I have grilled this once before when our oven was broken and we were grilling everything imaginable, but when I grilled this the last time it was frozen.

I purchased 2 premade pizzas at the store and didn't really want to put the oven on. So Todd turned on the grill and we grilled ourselves 2 pizzas. The only real problem we had was getting the fresh dough onto the grill. The Pizza grilled up really nice except when we finally got it placed on the grill it didn't hold its circle shape. But that's ok, we only lost a little bit of cheese in the transporting.

It was really tasty. Yummy!


Butternut Sage Designs said...

Hi Mary, I looked for an email address but could not find one, I just stopped by to peek and saw the quote you have on your blog. I have to steal it to be my solice. I hope because I told you it isn't actually stealing. Tat puts it all into a nutshell doesn't it! Thanks for the wonderful gift. Blessings ~Donna

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