Monday, September 8, 2008

SLC Again

Yes, Todd is in SLC again. He actually left Saturday morning, I spoke with him quite often these last 2 days and he said this trip has been the smoothest so far. I told him that's because he has done it 4 times now and he should be able to do it in his sleep.
We both had to watch the Bears game by ourselves last night, but everytime the Bears had an awesome play I called him on the phone and said "WHOO HOO!"
Now that I think of it, everyone that is involved in our football pool probably ended up watching the game by themselves last night. It's kind of lonely when you don't have someone to share the WHOO HOO's with.

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MaryAnn - Rockford said...

Well, I wasn't exactly alone since I was watching the game with my dad......however, I wish that Ruby could have been here with us too in Florida, OR that I had been there in Rockford with her - then we'd be yelling GO BEARS!!