Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rubbing Alcohol Really Works

When my sisters and I were children and were sick with a fever my parent used to rub us down with rubbing alcohol to break the fever, it seemed to work and to this day if any of us at my house has a fever we still do this.
Well yesterday Jordan came up to me and said mom is there anything that will take ink out? DING DING DING (that's the bell in my head) well I heard rubbing alcohol works so lets try.
Apparently there was a pen on the floor and when he moved his chair in his bedroom, it smashed the pen to pieces and ink got all over his wood floor. We tried the alcohol and it worked. I think also that it just had happen helped too because the ink didn't have time to set in the wood yet.

Hurrah for Rubbing Alcohol!

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Raelynn said...

Thank you for your post. As I was coloring my hair today, I got some of the colorant on the wall behind my sink. I remembered your post and tried RA to get it off...it worked.