Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lesson in making Oatmeal Cookies Part 1

My aunt is visiting from Las Vegas until the 24th of September, so I am heading over to her sons house to learn how she makes her Oatmeal Cookies.
Yes, I do know how to make Oatmeal Cookies but this ladies oatmeal cookies are awesome. I don't know what she does but when her cookies are done baking they are dense; my oatmeal cookies always turn out so flat. So in about 20 mins. I am headed out with pen and paper in hand to take notes. She makes AWESOME Greek Butter cookies too but I know you need one of those industrial mixers for that; which at this time I don't have.
I will post a picture of the cookies and how they look later. You will see what I am talking about then.

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Scotte Hodel said...

Mmm oatmeal cookies. I could really go for some! Enjoy!