Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Car Trouble

I got a phone call this morning at about 6:50am from Ethan telling me his car stalled on his way to the train and he is stuck in the turn lane. After many back and forth phone calls to a tow truck driver (which is a story within itself) we got the car towed home. We knew his car was on it's last leg because the CV joint needs to be replaced which we were quoted for over $3000.00 to fix. We decided that once the car died we were done putting money in it.
Ethan handled his 1st car problem very well, he was afraid someone would hit him and the people honking at him was getting on his nerves but I told him, he has his flashers on, a tow truck is coming, what else can you do.
Thanks to my sister getting him to the train after the car was towed home, Ethan only missed one of his classes today. He took it upon himself to visit the teacher in his morning class when he got to school and let her know what happened and asked for his assignment. I was proud that he took that responsibility. Some students would have just blown the day off and catch up later.
Well anyway once Todd got home he took a look at the car and brought a belt in the house to show us. Apparently the alternator belt broke. Todd thinks that if he can replace it, the car should still be drivable for a little while longer. He went to the auto body shop and is in the process of replacing the belt, unfortunatly it got too dark out and he needs a different tool then what he has to get the new belt on. So hopefully tomorrow he will be able to find the tool he needs at the hardware store and maybe fix the car.
In the meantime, Ethan and Jordan will share Jordan's car until we figure out what will happen next.

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