Saturday, December 29, 2007

He was robbed

Ethan had a wrestling meet today in Bartlett.
There were a total of 6 schools there and we found out that they were wrestling all the schools. This was going to be a long day!
It seemed DGS brought all their mid-weight to heavy weight wrestlers today and very few from other weight classes. We ended up forfeiting over 1/2 of our matches.
There were 3-171 wrestlers 5-189 wrestlers and 3-215 wrestlers.
Ethan got to wrestle twice but unfortunately he was pinned in both matches.
The match agents Bartlett was a joke. We think they slipped the ref a little extra on the home team mat to let the home team win all their matches.
Ethan litterally had the Bartlett guy on his back pinned 4 times during his match and the ref wouldn't call it. But the second the guy got Ethan on his back the Ref called a pin.
Talking with other parents from other teams; they noticed that also when their school was up against Bartlett.

Oh well what can you do, at least we tapped Ethan's match and the tape doesn't lie...

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