Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Dillinger and Christmas

This morning Dillinger our dog woke 3 of us up early (5:15am), probably to wish us a Merry Christmas and he wants his presents. We can't put presents under the tree until Christmas Eve because Dillinger thinks they are his. Dillinger goes around sniffing them and sometimes even grabs them with his mouth to try and open them.
When we put the presents under the tree last night we placed his gifts on the book shelf so he couldn't get to them. The 4 of us had to constantly monitor him to stay away from the tree.
Ethan suggested that the dog sleep in his room with the door closed to keep Dillinger from going to the presents while we slept. Good idea!
Now Todd, Jordan, Dillinger and I are sitting in the living room by the Christmas tree chit chatting. Once Ethan gets up we open presents making sure Dillinger gets one of his 1st. If he wasn't a dog I would think he was a 4 year old child.
If you don't believe this, below is a picture of Dillinger opening his birthday gift on December 16th

And here is Dillinger with his gift

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