Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Frosty the Snowman & Frosty Returns

Have you ever watched a movie and really enjoyed it and then a few years later they release the sequel and it's a dud? Well that in my opinion is Frosty the Snowman and Frosty Returns. Todd and I watched both of the holiday specials tonight. In Frosty the Snowman, you root for Frosty and Karen. This is a real cute animated storyline with great voice actors portraying the characters. Jimmy Dirante fills in as the narrator; but my personal favorite is the voice of Billy De Wolfe as Professor Hinkle the evil magician. Leave it to Santa to come and save Frosty and blackmail Professor Hinkel.
As Frosty would say: "Happy Birthday!"

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Raelynn said...

I always cry when Frosty melted away...even if I knew the ending. Is Frosty Returns the one where he has a wife or the one with John Goodman, the stupid snow-away spray, and the kids who look like Peanut rejects?