Friday, December 25, 2009

Well She Was Correct

Back in November, I went and saw the psychic with a few friends from work. (see November postings)
Anyway she mentioned Christmas and how we were going to have a nice holiday, she also said:
Psychic: 2 unexpected gifts, one is really going to big. One is jewelry.
Me: Oh nice

She was correct:

I didn't ask for this for Christmas this year, but I did mention that I would eventually like to get either the Open Heart Necklace designed my Jane Seymour and/or the Shared Hearts Autism Necklace that Zales is promoting.
Todd and the boys really surprised me and got me the Open Heart Pendant for Christmas.
It's alway nice for a girl to get a little "Bling".

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SWEETS said...

cool mare....i got a charm(nana)...and i added my little wedding rings and ernesto baby ring to my i will be wearin it....i like the tv promo for it...merry christmas