Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fred Claus

Time to start watching some Christmas movies.
The 1st one of the season that we watched tonight is Fred Claus. Having not seen this movie before, we saw that it was on HBO and DVR'ed it. It was actually very funny and so glad we watched it.

Summary from Santa's black-sheep brother gets a much-needed shot at redemption in this holiday comedy. It's not easy being the brother of a benevolent and beloved saint. After struggling for years to live up to the example set by his younger sibling Nicholas, Fred has finally given up. These days Fred is working as a repo man and his shady tactics have landed him in jail. While Mrs. Claus vehemently insists that Fred fend for himself, Nicholas refuses to sit idly by as his brother rots in jail and agrees to set bail if Fred will repay the debt by coming to the North Pole and help make toys for the upcoming Christmas season. But Fred isn't nearly as productive as your average elf, and he's got quite an attitude to boot. With Christmas fast approaching and Fred threatening to sideline Nicholas' entire finely tuned operation, the brother that always struggled to get out from under his sibling's substantial shadow finds out just how far the patience of a saint can be pushed before jolly old Santa reaches his breaking point. Starring Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti.

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