Sunday, December 20, 2009

Card 52 of 52 for 2009

I made it, I did 52 cards in 52 weeks. That's one card a week, even though they weren't posted Thanks so much for coming to my blog to look at my cards. I will continue to post cards in 2010 but will not title them as a "weekly" countdown anymore.
This idea is not mine, but I did get the idea from Dawn Griffiths' blog who received a card similar as a RAK from a women named Laurie; not sure who Laurie is, but thanks for sharing!!! Thanks also to Dawn Griffith for your great ideas over this past year, I used many of them for my stamp camps!
I usually scan my cards instead of taking pictures of them but I decided that since I did this card multiple times in multiple colors; it was easier to just take pictures.
I went a little overboard making them, but they were fun to do.
The many different tree colors:

The mailman is getting this color:

2 more different colored ones:

I had to try a multi-colored tree for fun:

I hope you come and visit my blog in 2010 to view more of my handmade cards.
Happy Holidays!