Saturday, May 2, 2009

Still Going/Still Cleaning

I have been cleaning and organizing since about 8:00am and now taking a short break and then back to Spring Cleaning in the house. It is a gorgeous day out but we are inside trying to clean and get things ready to sell at the garage sale my sister will be having at the end of the month. We got 1/4 of the basement done, filled a garbage can and a recycling bin. Then when Todd went riding on the bike, Jordan and I attacked his closet.
This has to be done this weekend because our weekends are busy now until June.
In about an hour Todd leaves to go to see the Windy City Rollers. This is a the Roller Derby that he has gone to once before and enjoyed it. While he is away, I plan to attack the piles of Scrapbooking stuff I have and possibly get rid and/or organize it differently from how I currently have it.

Clean, Clean, Clean!

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