Saturday, May 23, 2009

Psychic Readings

A friend of mine at work sees a psychic every 6 months, she has come to work with stories on how her “psychic” has always been correct in her predictions. She mentioned that everything that Anastasia (the psychic) tells you usually happens within 6 months.
Well a group of ladies at work, wanted to give it a try so we went on Friday evening. I have always wanted to give it a try. As you read this, if you think some of the things that were said are about you, it might just be, I know exactly who everyone and everything she mention refers to except for 1, but that might be someone or something that happens in the near future.
So here is the transcript of my reading, take it for what it is.

Friday May 22, 2009
“Shuffle the cards, make 3 piles and make a wish, don’t tell me the wish”
“If someone dies, do you want to know?” Me: “Yes, tell me everything”
-“A light complexioned boy is thinking about moving out, it could be an apartment or school or whatever”
-“I see you around a lot of men, do you work where there is a lot of men?” Me: No
“Well then you’re going to some doings where there’s more men then women.”
_”Salt and Pepper grey man doesn’t feel good. 60-68 Black hair with a little bit of grey”
_”Looks like you have has some tears but your tears are going to be going away a little bit. Things will get better for you, starting in July.
_”You're a little anxious, you want things done yesterday, calm down. When’s your birthday?” Me: April –“Calm down, calm down.” Me: How true
“Your wish is very good. 2 good surprises around your wish card, very good. Be patient honey, don’t be over anxious. Whenever you are anxious nothing comes out.”
_”Going to be disappointed in a dark grey and medium one, I don’t know if they are younger or older.”
_”Medium complexioned girl and a light guy getting married; big wedding. They’re in their 20’s there young.”
_”Around job you get a little bit aggravated with job. Who’s this real light lady around your job? She’s a fricken pill. Watch her, don’t tell her too much of your business she’s a noisy busy body.” Me: “Oh yeah, I know who you are talkin’ about.” –“She’s the type to run to the boss to make points.”
_”If you can find a better job with more money or benefits you’re gone. You do the work and everyone else is walkin’ around. Light hair and darker one at work, watch out the less you tell people the better off you are. They don’t need to know your business.”
_”I see a young girl anywhere from 14-17 very smart in school.”
_”You’ve got happiness coming, you’ve got change coming, things are going to get better for you.”
_”4 trips, I don’t know where but I see travel.”
_”You are kind of disappointed in a light in a light to medium complexioned man. He wants to be babied; he wants attention, who is this? He wants attention, he drives everyone crazy.”
_”Older lady doesn’t feel good 70-85, it could be in your family but doesn’t have to be your family. Not going to die or nothing, just doesn’t feel well.”
_”You get extra money, put it on the side. I see a raise, bonus, different department, different job or promotion.” Me: “It happened this week.”
_”I don’t know, you’re thinking about buying one piece of furniture for one room; from now until Chirstmas.”
_”I get a little boy anywhere from 8-14 very good with sports”
_”I don’t know, I see school around you, are you going to take a class?” Me: “No”- “Maybe it’s someone else, someone is thinking about taking a class at school”
_”Do you go to garage sales?” Me:”We are going to have one.”-“No, this is like you are going to buy something that might be worth a lot of money.”

_ Darker looking man, Italian skin, gotta watch his lower back, he might pick up something heavy and knock his back out of wack.”
_”You are going to be concerned about an older lady who does not feel good, she’s not going to die she just doesn’t feel good. Could be family, friend, neighbor, could be anyone.”
_”I don’t know you’ll be invited to 4 doings; 2 of them your bringing gifts, birthdays, weddings, whatever.”

_”Something or someone is aggravating you today, are you a little pissed off about something?” Me: “I was yesterday” –“Whatever it is, it will blow over.” Be patient, don’t be over anxious, take one day at a time.”
_”Changes around the home, redecorating or moving”
_”Are you Italian?” Me: No _”Greek?” Me:”Yes”- “I am too, were your parents born here?”Me: “My mother was”- “My parents were born in Greece.” Me:”My grandparents were born in Greece.”
_”But you have happiness coming, changes, think positive. Don’t be over anxious take one day at a time. You worry about everybody and feel sorry for everybody.”
_”I get a man and a lady watching over you like a guardian angel. 2 people.”
-“You get extra money put it on the side”
-“I get a boy 18-22 drives too fast, gonna get a speeding ticket, he better watch. Either speeding or drinking and driving, has to watch.”
_”It looks like someone is going away to school. Young person; college or something.”
_”But you have happiness coming, be patient, don’t be over anxious.”
_"I get a neighbor around you; very nosey, she wants to know everything that goes around in your house. What town do you live in?” Me:”Wdge” _"Very very nosey. Oh, my customer lives in Wdge.”
_”But you have good cards, good things coming, don’t be anxious. Your wish card is beautiful honey.”
_”Watch your knees, your knees might hurt you. Might have arthritis, or water on the knee.”
_”Just be patient, things are gonna get better. Real real nice.”
_You’re kind of picky who your friends are, you don’t trust a lot of people” Me:”That’s right.” _”You watch who comes in and out of your house too.”
_”Be patient.”

Hands deck of cards to me.
_”Just give me 7 cards for every question. Questions about anyone.”
Me:”My boys future.”
_”How old are they?” Me: “19 & 17”
_”The oldest one drives? The bigger ones gotta watch, I see a speeding ticket here. How old is the younger one? Me:”17” _”I have 2 girls that are crazy for the lighter guy, lighter skin, 2 girls that are crazy for him.”
Handed her 7 more cards
Me:”My health”
_”A little stressed out, try to calm down alright? You’re going to lose weight, 8-18lbs, watch for jealousy especially on the job.”
Handed her 7 cards
Me:”My husbands health “
_”Is he light, medium or dark complexion? Me:”Medium” _ “He doesn’t fell good sometimes. He’s gotta watch his lower back. Tell him if he’s pickin’ up something heavy, tell him to watch how he lifts it. He’s got to watch his lower back. He’s going to be worried about an older man who’s going to be sick. Does he had a dad?”
No more questions. (The reason I only had 3 questions is because my friend told us that we could ask one question at the end, but then Anastasia told me 7 question so I wasn't prepared and couldn't think of any. Now I can think of a ton.)
_“Think positive honey.”

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