Sunday, May 31, 2009

Grilling Something Different 2009 #2

A few weeks ago we did our 1st Grilling something different for 2009 #1 which was Beer Can Chicken.
Today we tried 2 new recipes on the grill, I found a recipe in the Summer 2009 Kraft Food & Family magazine for Barbecued Chicken Packets that I planned to grill today.
Our neighbor who lives to fish when he's not working brought over a bag of Salmon for us, not being a big fish eater, I told Todd you make the salmon for yourself on the grill and I will make the chicken.
The pictures below are all the items on the grill. The salmon is on the left in the grilling basket, the BBQ Chicken are in the aluminum packets (if you would like to see what they look like, go to and look them up by name). The other chicken breasts on the grill are for future chicken recipes.
The fisherman neighbor advised Todd to soak the Salmon in 7-up for about 30 mins before preparing. We did that and then sprinkled McCormicks Grillmates for Salmon on it before putting them in the grilling basket. I did try a small piece and for me it was pretty good considering I am not a fish eater. Jordan tried it and really liked it and Todd loved it. He even has left overs for lunch this week.
As for the chicken packet all it was was 1 boneless chicken breast, BBQ sauce, a pineapple slice and a green pepper ring all in foil. It was like a sweet and sour chicken, if I make it again, I will make rice with it.
More grilling in the weeks ahead I am sure. Enjoy our pictures.

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