Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day!
This is the 1st time I have had a chance to sit and relax since 8:00am this morning.
Let me tell you about My Mothers Day:
I basically had to plan my own mothers day (as always, but at least I know I am going to do what I want) today sort of went the way I wanted until a few frustrations hit.
About a week ago I asked Ethan what his schedule was for Mothers Day, he said 2:30pm-8:30pm. Well out the window went my plan to go to BD Mongolian Grill to get my Tiara. So I decided breakfast would be a good thing to do. I wanted either Bob Evans or Omega. Omega is your typical Greek family style restaurant that is open 24 hrs 7days a week, anyone who lives in the area where I live knows Omega.
I looked up Bob Evan restaurant on line since the closest one to us closed a few years ago and found that the closest one was about 30 mins-40 mins away. I really wanted their omelet and their biscuits so that is what I chose. 3 of us were up by 6:30am; this is sleeping in for some of us; because some of us get up at 4:45am. We had to wake 1 member of the family to get up and shower so the rest of us could have breakfast.
The boys asked if I wanted my gifts now or after breakfast. I said "whenever" and then Ethan said "We didn't wrap them" and handed me an itunes gift card followed by Jordan handing me an Archivers gift card. I was happy with my gifts, they are both something I would use.
We had breakfast at Bob Evans which was so good that I skipped lunch. When we got home I decided to finish planting my flowers. These are the one that I actually put in the ground and not in pots. Well in order to do this I needed to clean up the area along with a few other spots that needed to be clean up. Let just say it ended up being more work then I had intended. It got to the point I was taking my frustrations out on Todd. I was dripping with sweat and here Todd was washing his motorcycle. Damn a little help here. He said I could have asked, I guess me bitching and moaning wasn't a good hint.
Once that was all resolved Todd did help and we got everything done except that I was about a 1/2 flat of flowers short. I at this point was done, I took a shower and asked for a ride on the motorcycle. Of course once we got on the bike a grey cloud followed us all around. Let just say I wish I would have taken a jacket, no rain but it was awful cold because of that stupid grey cloud. The sun peaked out here and there and when it did it was nice but it kept hiding on us. (Note: Ok, you may be thinking that I was sitting and relaxing on the bike. Um no, I was sitting and freezing on the bike.)
Once we got home I went to the store to purchase the 1/2 flat of flowers and an aluminum pan to use for dinner tonight, while Todd went and got the propane tank filled for the grill tonight. Below are before and after pictures of what Todd grilled for us for dinner. We made 2 of them. Pros and Cons are listed below the pictures.
Beer Can Chicken Raw:

The Cons: Chicken is Very slippery due to the olive oil smeared all over chicken before cooking.
Beer Can Chicken Cooked:

Cons: Getting the hot chicken off the beer can and slicing a hot chicken. I can carve a turkey no problem, I can't carve a chicken. Todd had trouble carving it too. Helpful hint: Make sure you calculate the cooking time vs the chicken size.
Pro: Really good! We used 2 different McCormick's Grill Mates as a rub on the inside and out of the chicken.

Not really a bad Mothers Day. I just now feel I need a day off to re-coup for this Mothers Day.

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