Saturday, December 27, 2008

What is happening?

What is happening? I am having a sense of being overwhelmed by uncontrollable medical events that are happening all around me.

#1) About 8 months ago my BIL was diagnosed with cancer. We found out just a few short weeks ago that it has spread to his stomach. He is currently very weak as the doctors try and decide what the heck they are going to do. This is where the frustration is, why don't doctors ever think ahead, why don't they ever come up with a backup plan so if plan A doesn't work they can immediately try plan B, why do they keep patients waiting, don't' they realize cancer spreads and the longer they take to decide what they can do the cancer continues to grow? Do doctors have any compassion? No, I forgot that they are doctors and are trained to have no feelings.

#2) We found out Ethan has to have all his wisdom teeth pulled. Jordan had his done in August right before school started and now it is Ethan's turn. We are trying to schedule the surgery before he returns to College in a few short weeks. Again, we are waiting for the doctor to let us know when this can be scheduled. We also found out that 1 of the teeth will have to be broken in 1/2 before it can be removed. This sounds very painful. So here we sit and wait.

#3) Todd also is having dental problems. He supposedly has a bad infection under a crown that supposedly had a root canal. He was told that he needs to go to a specialist to have this tooth worked on. I am putting all of this in Todd's hands to control and schedule. I told him if he needs me to be a taxi driver for him I will do that but otherwise he is on his own on this one.

#4) I am about 90% sure I am going to have to have my gallbladder removed. I will just have to get confirmation from yet again a "Doctor". I have been suffering for about 6 months now with abdomen pain. Within the last 2 months, the abdominal pain has moved to the right upper chest and my back. My mother and both my sisters have had their gallbladder removed so I looked up gallbladder pain on the web and everything described is what I seem to be dealing with. At this point I am going to watch my diet and try and wait until after the New Year to get this checked out. If it does end up being my gallbladder and I end up needing surgery, I am going to try and hold out on the surgery until after Ethan's oral surgery.

Thank goodness Jordan is doing well....

2009 sure does look like it isn't going to start out to well medically.

I do have one request, if you read this, could you please say a prayer for my Brother in Law Scotte? Thanks!

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Scotte Hodel said...

Mary - there are backup plans and backups to the backup plans. In fact, this Tuesday (provided FedEx really does overnight delivery) I will start treatment under one of those backup plans.

I know it seems things are moving slowly, but this team is remarkably dedicated and responsive. Even thought my prognosis is poor, perhaps even very poor, the doctor(s) involved in my treatment are still working very hard on my behalf, and they and their team(s) have my gratitude. I just happen to have an aggressive tumor, so it's a race to get all the pieces and approvals in place.

But do keep praying. I am convinced that prayers and God's mercy is the only reason I am still alive.