Monday, December 1, 2008

1st Snowfall of this season

We had snow fall yesterday but it really didn't accumulate to that much snow, but this morning we woke up; looked out the window and saw that we got approx 6" of snow(according to the radio)
When I let the dog out this morning we had a HUGE branch laying in our backyard that fell from the tree sometime during the night. Thank goodness the branch didn't hit or knock down any of the wires back there or our house. We had just enough time this morning to shovel a path to our car, clean the cars off and then drive carefully to work. I was worried about both boys getting to their destinations this morning; more for Jordan because this is his 1st year driving in the snow. Both ended up being carefull and safe.
No pics of this snow storm; but I am sure there will be more coming.

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