Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Storm

We were hit last night with a snow storm, not as bad as what the weatherman thought but still hit.
I got up at 4:21am this morning not by the alarm, but by the sound of a truck backing up. Assuming it was a snowplow, I got up looked out the window and thought I better get ready to go.
Todd is off today so he was a dear, got up shoveled a path for me and cleaned my car off. I left at 5:15am on my own and made it safely to work at 5:50am. Not bad. There was hardly anyone on the road and the few that were, were driving safely. (Not like those IDIOTS that feel they need to weave though traffic) When I left it was an ice storm. That was supposed to stop after 2 hours and then snow until around noon.
Hopefully the drive home at 3:00pm will be decent.
Oh and the good news for the kids was that the school decided to use a Snow Day so they got to start their winter break a day earlier!

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