Monday, December 29, 2008

My 2009 Goals

I like to use the word Goals instead of the dreaded word resolution because I have always felt when the word resolution is used, people look for failure. The word goal in my perspective means I have a vision, a task to complete and if there are stumbling blocks along the way at least I tried the best I could to accomplish a goal.
That’s my perspective and I am sticking to it.

My 2009 Goals are:
1) Organize my basement and garage which will mean, trashing or donating anything that doesn’t sell in the 2 garage sales that I will be participating in in 2009. So from now until the 1st garage sale I need to focus on organizing these 2 areas.

2) I receive the Love Dare book that was featured in the movie Fireproof. I am going to use the book as a strengthening tool, not only in my marriage but in my everyday life. It’s a 40 day diary; I know right now I will not be able to continually due this on a daily basis. But I will do what is required for each of the 40 days. I will read the tasks that will need to be done, I will set my own “goal” for that task then I will post on my blog/here what the task is and then when my task is complete, I will post my outcome.

3) I would like to continue a card a week like I did this past year. This seemed to work out really well and it kept me on track for creating cards for my stamp camp. I have a few websites and blogs that have card challenges; so I will use them for inspiration.

4) I heard a quote last week: “A smaller behind in 2009” need I say more? I think everyone makes this goal, and I will yet again set this goal for myself. Oh BTW the quote was taken from the one and only Richard Simmons. lol

5) This past year I tried to post a layout a week. Well I didn’t quite accomplish this goal.
I am going to try something a little different. Journaling, I have older layouts that I have yet to journal. My goal is to post layouts old and/or new and journal these layouts.

6) Most importantly, have more conversations with GOD more often. Don’t get me wrong, I pray but there are times I forget that he is right there just waiting for me to talk to. He is our best friend and we need to remember that we can talk to him at anytime about anything.

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