Thursday, October 30, 2008

Work is Getting Crazy

Almost a month ago my supervisor and her boss took me into the conference room and asked me if I would still be interested in learning Imports. They explained to me that I would be trained for about 4 weeks and then used if the Imports department were to get overwhelmed with work or help out during vacations taken.
On Wednesday I asked if this was my last week of training, I was told no with no explanation. Yesterday my supervisor took me off to the side and discussed what may possibly be happening in the near future. I will be trained in Imports for 2 more weeks by another person in the department; then when those 2 weeks are over I will work the Import orders on my own for 1 month. The 2 Import operators will at this point work domestic orders. I then asked if they were planning on swapping us and was told that would all depend on how well I do in Imports.
My theory is that if I am able to do Imports on my own, they will take the 2 current Import operators and move them to domestics where they are short handed. This way domestics will not have to hire anyone.
I feel slightly honored that I was asked to cross train, but I also feel that if I am going to take the job that 2 people did that I should expect to be compensated. If this happens; I am planning on asking for this to be considered a promotion and will expect an increase in pay.


butterball baby said...

you go mare...

Raelynn said...

It really bites sometimes when you're good at what you do, huh? And then you have to watch your co-workers coast along! I kept getting more magazines while the another co-worker only had one. Of course, it was worse for Cindy, who I think at one time had like 6 and her cube mate still only had 1!