Saturday, October 25, 2008


This weekend Todd and I decided we were going to do some winterizing around the house.
Today we took out all our sweatshirts and jeans from the Space Bags and loaded them back up with our shorts and other summer type clothing.
Then we went outside and I dumped all my potted plants and put the pots in storage while Todd drained all the garden hoses coiled them up and put them in storage.
Tomorrow we plan on putting all the lawn furniture away, putting the grill away, making sure all the storm windows are closed and pulling out the Christmas lights to test to see if they will be ready for hanging in a few weeks. Yes you read that correctly Christmas Lights. We always put our lights up the weekend after Halloween while it's still a little warm out. Then all we have to do is connect an extention cord when we are ready to light them closer to the holiday of course.
Todd isn't ready to winterize his Harley yet. He said he went riding around Thanksgiving last year and he is hoping that he will be able to get a few more rides in before he gets it ready for storage.

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