Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blood Donation

Almost a year ago Ethan gave blood at school and he came home asking if I have ever given blood and I told him yes but not as often as I should. Soon after he donated blood at his school, the blood donor organization called him at home to set up another appointment; and at that time I signed up to give too. So now almost a year later Ethan and I have been giving blood as soon as we are able to give.
On Ethan's last appointment Todd went along with him as a walk in donor. Todd was under the assumption that he was not able to give blood because he was exposed to hepatitis as a child. Well I asked and found out that was false, as long as he did not ever have hepatitis, isn't currently living with someone with hepatitis or has been exposed to someone with hepatitis, he can donate. Plus they test all blood donated to make sure you are safe to donate.
Anyway my scheduled appointment was today so I took Todd along as a walk-in to donate too.
At the beginning of the year Ethan and I signed up for the frequent donor club; when you reach a certain number of donations you get gifts. Usually we would get a free pie from Bakers Square or a free pint of ice cream from Oberwise. Over the summer we both received a nice apron with grill tools. Today when I donated I receive a real nice zip up jacket with the organization's named stitched on it. Ethan received his jacket a few weeks ago and now that the weather is getting cooler has worn it quite often.
It's kind of nice to be able to give blood to help out those who need it and on top of it get little thank you gifts too.

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