Saturday, October 11, 2008

Village Vehicle and Equipment Auction

Today Todd and I attended in our Village the Vehicle and Equipment Auction. Municipalities from different areas had Vehicle and Equipment they were auctioning off. We got there early to view the vehicles thinking maybe we would be able to get a used police car for Ethan. This is the 1st time I have ever been to a vehicle auction; I attended an estate auction with my mother-in-law once. This was an interesting experience; every time we tried to bid on a used police car that was a Crown Victoria, we were outbid by the same guy. I swear this person must have purchase 6-8 Crown Victoria's.
They were down to the last 3 cars. We ended up bidding on and winning a black 1998 Mercury Mystique. The car was filthy! When we got it home we got the vacuum and a hose and started cleaning it. We are thinking that this was a seized car in a police bust, just a feeling we have. We were almost done cleaning the car when Ethan can home from work. He took it for a ride with Todd and according to Todd it runs nice.
The only thing it is missing is the face plate from the stereo. So I guess if he wants music Todd will have to install a stereo in the car. Oh I forgot to mention that when we opened the trunk we found a sub woofer and amp. So, when we get a stereo installed this car is going to ROCK.
I will post pictures once I get them downloaded.

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