Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday Night Summer TV

Over the summer we have been enjoying the show Wipe Out on Wednesday evenings on ABC.
The show is the same thing every week people going through obstacle courses and watching them fall. Yeah, we laugh when they fall, but the funniest part about the show are the 2 hosts John Henson and John Anderson along with their Co host Jill Wagner. Their commentary about each contestant is hilarious. Tonight was their season finale, hopefully they will return next summer.

Then these last 3 weeks following Wipe Out; is a show called Crash Course.
Partners drive cars through obstacle courses to win $50,000 and the Golden Chained Steering Wheel. Similar to wipe out the commentary from the two hosts Orlando Jones and Dan Cortese and not bad to look at either is hilarious. I have mentioned that I wouldn't mind being on this show, it looks so fun. This show was only on for a few weeks so I am really hoping it returns next summer.

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