Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fine Needle Biopsy

I had my fine needle biopsy today. I was a little scared only because of the fear of the unknown. With the internet being so informative, I watched a YouTube video of the precedure yesterday; but you never know what the pain would be like. They told me they would numb my neck and then take 4-5 vial samples. I would then have a noticable lump and to take tylenol for the pain and use ice for the swelling.
1st off there was pain when they numbed my neck. It 1st felt like what would be a bee sting, then it changed to a deep pain. Once the doctor was done I announced that that part SUCKED. He waited a few minutes and then started withdrawing samples I think he only did 4 samples but not feeling this part, I lost track on how many vials were used.
Once they were done they cleaned me up and put a band-aid over the area and gave me an ice pack. I was given the instuctions not to do any heavy lifting or excersise today, change the bandaid if needed, ice the area and take tylenol for the pain.
Yes, I do have to say I am glad I didn't go to work once it was over. My neck is in more pain then I thought it would be. It feels as if I slept wrong and if I turn my neck it will hurt. Coughing hurts and swallowing isn't too bad but does hurt a little. I am looking forward to tomorrow when the pain will be gone.
Now I hope that the biopsy results turns out to be ok.

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