Friday, August 28, 2009

Lumpy Update 8/28

Well I had my ultrasound this afternoon and they seemed to spend more time on the side that didn't have the lump then the side that did. I was told that I would hear from the doctor by Tuesday with the results.
About 10 minutes ago I got off the phone with the doctor. He said that I had many nodules (lumps) and they want to do a biopsy on the larger one, I needed to call the radiology department today and set up an appointment and if they weren't open to call them on Monday. I called and had to leave a message for them to call me back.
He said if it was cancer they will remove the nodule and if it's not, they will keep the lump there and just do ultrasounds on it regularly to monitor it.
Nothing of this is shocking to me or I wasn't prepared for. The minute I found out I had the lump I researched it on the internet. Still confident that it isn't anything major. Even if it turns out to be cancer, once it is removed everything usually is ok. It is very rear for people to die from thyroid cancer.
More updates after biopsy is completed.

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Doug & Rod said...

Hey There! Keep us posted! Why should I say that? It's not like your a Polte who forgets to mention his brain surgery! You are in our thoughts Lumpy!