Friday, August 28, 2009

Freaky, Spooky & Weird

Last night our neighbor treated us to dinner to thank us for the care we provided to her husband.
I was the last one to leave the house, you know lock the door and such.
When we arrived home, I heard the dog barking from one of the kids bedroom and announced "The dog is stuck in someones room" then we all noticed through the window that we left the TV on. I thought that was rather odd because I was the last one to leave and I thought I turned everything off. As Todd was about to unlock the door, we noticed that the TV turned off.
OK very strange. We walked in and looked around to see if anything was missing and everything was fine. The dog was still stuck in my sons bedroom and I thought where is the remote thinking that maybe something was sitting on the remote making the TV turn on and off. Nope, the remote was sitting on the coffee table with nothing near it. We all decided it must have been Denny (the husband of the neighbor who took us out for dinner) acknowledging that Sandy treated us to a lovely dinner. At that point we all said Thank You to Denny.

REALLY FREAKY!!! We all saw it happen so it wasn't a one person thing.

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