Friday, August 14, 2009

Call Me Lumpy

Yesterday our company offered a Stroke and Thyroid screening. Every time we have these type of events at work, my co-worker Anna always wants to participate in them. For $30.00 they check your Thyroid (no, not if it's active or inactive) and check to see if you are in danger of having a stroke.
What they do is an ultrasound on both sides of your neck and make sure everything looks ok. My stroke results came out perfect. My left thyroid looked fine, as for my right thyroid well I have a lump that measures 14x27mm. The ultrasound tech said it wasn't that big but I needed to go to my doctor and have it checked out.
I am not too worried about this because I remember about 5-6 years ago my gynecologist said he felt something there and to have my family physician check it out. Well my family physician said the my gyno was crazy, that he didn't feel anything. I know I have had this for quite awhile and I'm still doing fine.
Since then I have researched this "lump" and have talked to quite a few people who say they had the same thing. I will have quite a few questions regarding this when I see the doctor in about a week.
I have been joking about this with co-workers and at home. I show my ultrasound picture of the lump and ask people if they would like to see my baby and any mishaps or mistakes I make, I am blaming it on the thyroid lump.
I gotta have some fun with it until I know what it is and what will be done.

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Butternut Sage Designs said...

hey Mary, I am sure it is fine due to the fact that it has been there for a while, I like your humor about it. I'll be thinking of you until you get to the doctors. Hugs