Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Funny and A Frustrations-2 in 1

Ok 1st with the funny.
Our dog is afraid of our ice maker that came with our new Refridge. He was near the kitchen door and the ice maker made the noise ice makers make, you know the dropping of the ice in the tray. Well anyway, the dog jumped and backed up. Last night around midnight the dog started barking. So Todd being the sweetheart he is, got out and asked the dog if he wanted to go out. The dog just layed there and cowarded. Then the ice maker made a noise and the dog proceeded to bark toward the kitchen. LOL

Now for the Frustration:
My dryer is broke. It is making a noise like a shoe is tumbling in the dryer so last night I decided to try and do a load of jeans. Well after an hour of thump, thump, thump I opened the dryer door and the jeans were still wet. UGH! Oh well you can't perdict the future. So now it is off to purchase a dryer. Hopefully they will deliver it ASAP. I think I will be visiting the laundry mat this weekend though.

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Raelynn said...

Poor Dill! Hopefully, he gets used to it or that will get pretty old, pretty fast.