Friday, March 6, 2009

Beaming with Pride

There was a missed message on my cell phone this afternoon, it was my son Jordan. I only missed the call by 15 minutes so I decided to call him back just in case it was an emergency. So when I called I asked "what's up?" He said "Oh Mom you are going to Freak" I said "Ok what?" Jordan: "I was chosen" I broke in: "Whoo Hoo" (Whoo hoo'ed because I was just happy to here the words I was chosen) Jordan: "To be one of the servers at the Culinary Scholarship Banquet." Me: "That is AWESOME"
When I got home I discussed the details with him more.
The Chef called each student up to his desk to show them their current grade. He showed Jordan that his is currently getting a 93 in the hospitality portion of Culinary School. The Chef then told Jordan that he has been chosen to be a server at the banquet on March 12th. Only 8 student where chosen from the afternoon session and I am not sure how many were chosen from the morning classes. He told me both Juniors and Seniors were chosen.
This is awesome, sometimes Jordan feels that he gets overlooked or that he never gets picked to participate in situations. So I think this will help him see that when he applies himself good things happen.
I am so proud!!


Raelynn said...

How cool! Way to go, Jo!

Ruby2s9756 said...

Way to go Jordan. We are all proud of you. Have fun doing the banquet event. And also WAY TO GO on eating better and exercising. You look great, you can tell in the pictures Mom posted and in person too! You are AWESOME! Love and hugs from Aunt Ruby