Saturday, March 14, 2009

Books on CD

The whole month of March I am participating in a job switch in the same department but learning Imports to Warehouse orders instead of Domestics to Warehouse orders.
I am also being trained on how to do reports for the entire department (because the person who currently does these reports will be having hip surgery in May). We are allowed to listen to the radio or our mp3/ipods at work, normal at my own desk I listen to THE MIX until 10:00am then turn my radio off. I get bored listening to my ipod everyday so I decided to go to the library and get a Book on CD. I checked out my 1st book on CD on Sunday and have almost finished it. I will be headed back to the library tomorrow to go check out another one. Kind of fun being able to work and listen to books.

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Raelynn said...

What did you listen to? I recommend Harry Potter on CD. Jim Dale is excellent.