Saturday, March 7, 2009

Before and After

Last night Todd Skyped with his brother Rodney and Jordan was in on part of the conversation. Every time Todd and Rod talk the issue of Weight gets brought up.
Anyway, Jordan chimed in and said he has drop weight. It is true Jordan is now wearing the same pants size as Ethan. I am thinking that he lost close to 20 lbs but we don't know because our scaled is broke.
Rodney asked how he lost the weight and basically he is doing 2 things. Is conscience of what he is eating where before I don't think he was and he is exercising; stationary bike and Giselle.
Rodney suggested that he do a before and after picture and send it to the people who make the Giselle or Tony Little.
Here are 2 pictures of Jordan. One was taken when he graduated from 8th grade at his graduation party. The 2nd was take this past January when we had family pictures taken. You can really see that he lost the weight and he did this all on his own with no guidance from mom and dad. He is still exercising but now he has added weights to tone.
(May have to click on this picture to see the difference of the 2 pictures)

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SWEETS said...

both of them look like each of there parents...i mean i think todd and mare made these kids... they look great, handsome...bon