Friday, January 9, 2009

Wisdom Teeth and a neat story

Well after visiting the oral surgeon today we found out that all 4 of Ethan's wisdom teeth will have to come out. We weren't too surprised by this though.
A really neat story involving the Oral Surgeon and Ethan. The Surgeon asked Ethan how old he was and where he is attending college. Ethan told him and when he did the surgeon who had his back to Ethan stopped and shot Ethan a look. Then the surgeon and Ethan must have had a 20 minute conversation on how he was a sports photographer for Michael Jordan through his basketball career and that he is currently working on a prespective book (not about Michael but about another subject that he asked us not to discuss openly because he is waiting on his copyrights) he left the room and come back with pre-photos for his book and asked Ethan's opinion. Ethan suggested that after the book was published to make a website to not only promote the book and photos but to add even more photos to the website. The surgeon thought that this was a great idea and asked Ethan if he did webpages.
I really enjoyed watching this play out and seeing my son give someone his "professional" opinion and in return someone really appreciating the advise given.
WOW my son really is an adult!!!

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Raelynn said...

Totally cool--Ethan da man!