Monday, January 12, 2009

Winter of 78-79 Winter of 08-09

30 years doesn't seem that long ago and it sure seems like history might be repeating itself.
I found this on Tom Skilling posted this on the Ask Tom area of the website
See if you remember this:
The winter of 1978-79 was Chicago's worst. It boasts an all-time record 89.7 inches of snow, plus a record 100 consecutive days of snow cover from Nov. 26 to March 5. December was very snowy with 31.4 inches accumulating,including a New Year's Eve blast that brought 7.6 inches. But that snowstorm was the famed "Blizzard of 79" that dumped 21.0 inches of snow on Chicago from Jan. 11-14, bringing the city to a standstill. Snow was piled so high that people tied flags to their cars so they could be seen as they approached snow-clogged intersections. Side streets were impassible, and many cars could not be moved until the snow finally melted.
I remember all that but what I also remember is having days of school closings, walking to the grocery store to get only what you really needed because you would have to carry the groceries home in the snow and having friends sleep over at our house during the New Year's Eve blast. Even though that was a tough winter, it was a memorable one.

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SWEETS said...

really do recall..78/79...dang im not there for this one...i sure dont miss it... bon