Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Deer In My Front Yard

I just got a phone call from my oldest saying he made it home from school. They had half day today so he wanted to let me know all is fine at the homefront.
Here is how the conversation went after:
"Mom I forgot to tell you, guess what I saw last night?"
Me: "A deer?"
Ethan: "4 Deer!"
Me: "Where did you see them?" (I sent him to the store last night to get milk so maybe on the way there he saw them.)
Ethan: "In our front yard"
Me: "No way! No Way! What time?"
Ethan: "Oh it was when we were asleep, I heard a noise and looked out the window and saw them"
Me: "No way! What time about?"
Ethan: "Around midnight"
Me: "Why didn't you wake us?"
Ethan: "I didn't want to disturb you"
Me: "Cool, I wonder why the dog didn't hear anything" (The dog gets excited over someone walking on the sidewalk but 4 deer don't phase him.)

I called Todd to tell him and he said he thought he saw hoof prints in the yard this morning but didn't think much of it after that.
So 4 Deer were in my front yard last night and I don't have any pictures of it. UGH!

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