Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Congratulations Ethan

Last night we attended the Awards Night at our sons high school.
Ethan was invited to attend not knowing what he would receive.

They started the ceremony with the Community Organization Awards; these are awards and scholarships given out by villages and organizations in the sorrounding area. The representative from the Darien Lions Club stepped up to the podium and asked if Ethan would come on stage. Ethan was presented the Bob Counsell Scholarship from the Darien Lions Club. He was awarded a $1000.00 scholarship that is renewable for a second year if he maintains a B average his Freshman year of college.
Plus he is to participate in the annual Darien parade. He will ride on a float/well actually in a convertable with the 3 other scholarship recipents. (Note: Darien does not have a High School so the students attend different highschools in the area depending where they live.) Congratulations Ethan!

Before the ceremony started

Lions Club Member and Ethan (he is on the far right by the balloons)

See there he is

The award presented

Ethan with his scholarship letter, I should have had him holding the check too.

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