Monday, January 28, 2008

Young at Heart

Last night there was really nothing much on TV (watching the SAG awards didn't even cross our minds) so Todd turned to TMC and found the movie Young at Heart starring Doris Day and Frank Sinatra.

We both felt after watching the beginning that we weren't going to watch the whole movie but we did end up watching the whole thing. A few observations: Frank Sinatra doesn't appear in the movie for the 1st 45 mins and there are times especially towards the end of the movie that you felt they wrapped things up quickly to end the movie.

This movie is a remake of the 1938 movie Four Daughters. A short description of the moive that I got off of IMDB: When Alex enters the lives of the musical Tuttle family, each of the three daughters falls for him. He is charming, good looking and personable. Laurie and Alex seem made for each other and become engaged. When Barney comes into the picture to help Alex with some musical arrangements matters become complicated. He is seen as a challenge by Laurie, who can't believe anyone could be as cynical, and she is more than a match for his gloomy outlook on life.

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