Sunday, January 6, 2008

Breathe a Sigh of Relief

We have spent the past 2 weeks working on 2 scholarship applications for Ethan.
1 is the Presidential Scholarship offered through Columbia College and the other is the Warner Brothers/Hanna Barbera Scholarship.
We breathe a sign of relief because we just completed our portion of the scholarships. Now it is up to the High School to put the proper information in the envelopes and mail them out for us.
Each scholarship asked for a presentation of Ethan's art work to be put on a CD to be viewed. Ethan has used PowerPoint before and lets just say Todd had a crash course learning it. They had to figure out how to add a video, music and make the kaliedoscope art work change like a kaliedoscope should. We are hoping these little extras will make the presentation stand out and be memorable to the scholarship committee.

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