Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another Installment

Of things about me:
1. I do enjoy shoveling snow and mowing the lawn. Not a snow plow, an actual shovel and not mowing when it's terribly hot.

2. I hate clothes shopping. I do like to shop for clothes for my husband and sons but I hate to shop for myself. Give me a fashion catalog and I will shop that way.

3. I will not pay full price to go see a movie. I will choose a matinee or wait and go to the cheap theatre to see a movie. I will also not rent a DVD. If I want to see a DVD I will purchase it. This way I can watch it at my leasure and I can share the DVD with Family and Friends.

4. When I was younger I wanted to sky dive, now that I am older I think I am alittle wiser.

5. My car interior is always clean. I make sure if anyone brings cups, cans or food wrappers in the car, that they take them with them when they leave the car.

6. My favorite candle scent is food type scents. Cookie scents, Fruits and Flavors.
My favorite candle companies are Yankee Candles and Gold Canyon.

7. I like to play board games and card games

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