Saturday, January 2, 2010

Nintendo Wii

The family room now has a Nintendo Wii attached to the television.
Both Ethan and Jordan have had a Wii for quite awhile now, but for Christmas we purchased one for the family room. We also purchased the Wii Fit Plus to go along with the Wii.
I am trying to do the Wii Fit Plus everyday. If my work schedule allows me to (alot of changes happening at work and our department is the center of it, so OT is happening almost everyday).
I can tell you my muscles really feel it. My right arm and both legs are quite sore.
Here is what I have been doing on the Wii Fit Plus:
I start with Balance and do at least 3-5 sets of each of these. Sometimes more if I am trying to beat my personal best.
Ski Jump
Ski solemn
Then I head over to Training; I have just started this section on Thursday so I have only done 3 sections of the 18 offered so far.
Leg extensions
Abdominal Twists
Tricep Curls (this is where I think I am getting part of my arm pain and shoulder pain)
I then head on over to Aerobics
2 sets of Beginner steps
1 hula hoops
1 beginner boxing (this is where I think I am getting part of my arm pain and shoulder pain)

Yesterday for the 1st time I did what I think they call Free Step. They start you out with 800 steps in 10 mins. I thought the pace they start you at was slow, so I set the pace higher. I did over 900 steps in 10 mins, this also is what is giving my leg muscles some pain. I am planning to do this one everyday even if I can't do the other ones due to time restrictions.

So as of today that is my Wii Fit Plus activities.
I am also playing tennis, bowling and sometimes baseball on Wii sport when I have the time. Again, probably contributing to the arm soreness.
Am I enjoying it? Yes I am. With my work schedule this month, I am hoping to be able to continue to do some Wii activities everyday. Having these days off due to the holiday has helped but I know my time won't be as free to do everything that I would like to on the Wii.
So off I go in a few to do another round of Wii Fit Plus.


SWEETS said...

u go debating about gettin a wii myself....its so

SWEETS said...

ok mare...i hit the numbers for works...keepin fingers cross for monday/ they can hold one for me...i did go to toys..and ok a game buy one get seconed 50% im half way there..your story imspired me..shit need to get my ass going to....thanks mare for that push....and encouragement on will have the board for 99/game besides the can slap me